You may be ready to replace the kitchen flooring because it is old and outdated and you no longer like the style. It happens to many families. Or, your desire to replace the flooring could be because it is damaged.  No matter why you want to replace the kitchen flooring, you have a variety of options to design your new kitchen.


Vinyl is the least expensive kitchen flooring option available, but sometimes not the most durable. It is sold in a variety of styles and designs, so it is easy to decorate any kitchen, regardless of your preferences. Vinyl is waterproof but is prone to scratching. It is fairly simple to care for.

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Porcelain and ceramic tile outfit more kitchen flooring than other materials. Both options offer durability and great style with dozens of designs to pick from. This flooring material is cheaper than other options and easy to maintain.


The most elegant bathrooms feature stone flooring. Always unique and sophisticated, stone flooring is one of the costlier flooring materials, but one that certainly adds luxurious style wherever it is laid.

Choose the Best Flooring Option for the Kitchen

The flooring materials above are among the most popular choices homeowners pick for their homes. It is not easy to pick from the many flooring choices when they each offer a wide variety of perks. Talk to a professional for help. He can answer your questions and help choose the kitchen flooring material most compatible to your needs.

When it’s time for new flooring in your home, give a handyman jacksonville a call to schedule installation. You’re sure to love the new look that flooring creates in the kitchen. Handyman services come to you quickly and at a cost you can afford!