Content is king and those who create the content rule the world.  In many perfect situations creating your own content for your content strategies would be ideal.  However, this is not practical in many business situations.  This is why Digital Current and other phoenix SEO agency professionals are available to work with companies to create a content strategy that will work.  Here are just a few items that you can create for content online.


My personal favorite are eBooks.  eBooks are easy to create, only need to have about five thousand words in them to be engaging and can be easily distributed online through PDF format on a website or from sites like Amazon through their KDP programs.  When creating an eBook including hyperlinks to your main website will help drive traffic.


Newsletters are also a great way to create content.  When working in your specific niche you can announce events, talk about a specific topic and keep your customers and prospects engaged in what is going on.  When you can put yourself in front of your customers with fresh content on a regular basis, they will think about you when in need of a related service.

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Videos are great pieces of content to create.  Using your cell phone or even a webcam you can easily sit in front of a camera and talk for a few minutes on a topic, interview someone or more.  When it comes to videos it only takes a few minutes to produce and can be uploaded for free on sites like YouTube.


Infographics are great because they are small visual pieces of content that drive you visually through a set of problems or through collected information.  Infographics can be used on websites, on Pinterest and more to drive traffic.  The idea behind this is to place them on highly trafficked sites with links that lead back to your main content.

Finally, when creating content, it is vital that you don’t advertise your business.  What I mean by this is that content is designed to educate, inform or entertain.  If you can do this then people will go from the content to your website in search of more content that you have created.