At the time of writing, you’ve probably got another eighty years or so to go. You’d have to be pretty healthy to live that long. But then again, the biotech may already be out to allow you to live well into the next century. Sounds fantastical, doesn’t it? And yet it’s becoming all the more possible. But then again, even if you have an average amount of intelligence and you only open up a book once a year, you’ll never be studying for that long.

So then, your graduation day may well be around the corner. Time flies when you’re having fun. Unless of course, you see no fun in studying. You should. Study something that really interests you and you’ll be walking down the steps with your diploma in less than the time it would usually take to complete a college degree. What happens next? Well, you must celebrate, of course. Invite everyone you know you like to hang out with.

If they’re still around, invite mom and dad too. But then again, you might want to brief your pals on how they should behave while the folks are around. No monkey business in other words. Of course, not everyone’s a party animal. No idea on how to put a party together, no patience for the work either. No problem. Hire a graduation party planner then. Speaking of which, maybe you’ve already graduated, years ago already.

graduation party planner

What other excuse could you have for hosting a party? Come on now, must be dozens of reasons. A couple of gift ideas to close this party mood note off then. After all these years, your team’s finally made it to the Super Bowl. Maybe you’re getting married. Again. Or maybe even a wake…