lake management

In many parts of the world today it is sad to note that what was once pristine and abundant lakes have become sewers. What was once a haven of life, both the ancient and the new, has now become cesspools teeming with filth and so many toxic and dangerous materials. If it is not showing disturbing signs of heading in that direction, your lake could be next. You can help stem the tide of degradation, global warming and pollution by investing in professional lake management.

You would need a team of professionals, amongst which could include marine biologists, pollution control experts, climate scientists, legal minds, and environmental protection advocates, to help you in your endeavors. And maybe a few divers who have done time served in the marines. Because this is not an initiative that can be successfully executed by the environmentally conscious lay practitioner.

But it all starts with the thought. The thought is what counts. The motivation is there to make that difference. And it can all just start with a community-oriented lakeside cleanup. Raise this initiative at your next town hall meeting. But should the gavel say no to this initiative, don’t let this stop you. While people continue to receive mere slaps on their wrists for polluting their environment, no fine or jail term has ever been given for cleaning up.

In fact, you may just receive recognition for this. This is the stuff that awards are made of. What a good way to fund a research grant proposal perhaps. The professional lake management team will be executing their work by using a set of specially devised machinery. It should not be damaging to what is left of the natural lake environment to salvage.